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I lived in Oregon for a few years before it dawned on me that local bakeries do not carry kolaches. Where I come from in Texas, a kolache is a little ball of bread containing almost any filling, but the staple is some kind of sausage. They are a great morning treat brought to this country by Czech settlers. In Texas they are so popular you have chains of restaurants specializing in their production, such as The Kolache Factory and Mornings Kolaches.

Upon bringing this lack of meat filled pastries to the attention of my Oregonian friends, some countered that what I sought were “pigs in blanket”. I disagree. I contend that “pigs in a blanket” refers to sausage wrapped in pancakes, not bread. I am supported by at least two Oregon institutions in this, the Original Pancake House in Portland and Bend, and Pig ‘n’ Pancake popular on the coast.

For more information on the wonderful world of Kolaches, you can check out Caldwell, Texas, the Kolache Capital of Texas and their 20th Annual Kolache Festival.

Now I make my own. On the weekends, I combine Pilsbury Crescent Rolls with Hillshire Farms veritable Cheddar Lit’l Smokies. The result is 8 little packages of sausage filled, Czech inspired, goodness.

  • http://assetallocator.blogspot.com TheAssetman

    I’ve got one better for you Kerry– I’m honored to be married to one Czech wife who will make kolaches for the whole family from time to time– from scratch! I started my Kolache craze in Texas as well. I lived for a time near West, Texas (the Czech Stop is probably the most stopped at snack site on I-35) and in Ennis, near Dallas. Boy, those were great days…

    I’ve got the Czech out the Kolache Festival in Caldwell, though… last I heard, they washed these nice little sausage pastries down with lots of beer…

    The Assetman

  • Anne

    I love me some kolaches! I was just introduced to them while on an extended stay with family in Florida. We have a resturaunt in Salem, Oregon that seved rolls that are similar in taste to the kolache bread, and better yet they sell the raw dough! I’m so going to cheat and make some soon!